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A Woman Owned, Executive Search Firm Recruiting Top Marketing, Sales & HR Talent For High Growth, Mid Market and Enterprise Companies
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When Passion and Purpose Align, People Perform
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Navigating The Path To A Future You Desire
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Always Striving For Excellence To Ensure The Best Outcome Is Achieved
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Emerald Talent Group is a Certified Woman Owned, Executive Search Firm Recruiting Top Marketing &
Sales Talent For High Growth, Mid Market and Enterprise Companies Across the US

Your organization is growing fast, and you know that your next hire is critical. You need the best of the best, someone not only skilled but also laser-focused, the person that will give you the most return on your investment, and most importantly.... you need this person now. You don't have another minute to waste.

The emerald has a unique distinction in the world of precious stones. It has a long history as being extremely sought-after, very valuable, and difficult to find due to its relative rarity. It has to be carefully mined and methodically selected to be high-value and desirable for the person who receives it.

As Experienced Recruitment Leaders, we believe your team deserves nothing less than this standard of attention and perfection. We pride ourselves on finding the equally sought-after, rare candidates in the marketplace and matching them with ambitious leaders like you. We know that placing a sought-after candidate has an immediate value, but we don't stop there. We work tirelessly to make our partnership even more valuable to you as our relationship deepens, and we have a relentless commitment to not only earning your trust... but keeping it.


Our Missions

For emeralds to form, a lot has to go right. The forces of geology require certain chemistry: There is an interesting combination of the slow, systematic process combined with speed and high pressure, and the result is nothing short of magic.

At the Leadership level, we know that finding you this gem of a candidate is just the first step, and that the most powerful part of a successful placement is what happens after the introduction. Like those forces, we understand that good recruiting has a cadence - we slow down to deeply understand what your company needs and values most, and when the time comes, we turn up the speed to find that hidden talent. We know the best outcomes come from building a strong foundation, nurturing relationships, and being agile.

Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate diversity and inclusion every day and apply the same policies and principles to every client, organization and candidate engagement. Without bias and barriers, our firm makes steadfast commitments to see the world beyond race, gender, age, religion and identity. 


At ETG our mission is to bring together the best and brightest. Embracing diversity ensures complete representation of ideas and beliefs that will drive future innovation and progress. 

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No Matter What Race,

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We Are In This Together.

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