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You've worked so hard in your career to get to this point, but you're ready to blast yourself to the next level. It's mission-critical that a prospective employer recognizes your unique qualities and strengths... you have so many, and it's due time to let them take center stage. You want someone to help you shine a direct spotlight on what makes you rare, sought-after, valuable, and worth a company's attention. At Emerald Talent Group, we hear you loud and clear, and we take a very unique approach to candidate partnership.

Good candidates are in-demand, valuable, and critical to their organizations, and we treat you exactly that way. We take a Coach Approach to our relationship with our candidates. As your Recruiting Coach, not only will we share the hottest available opportunities, but we go several steps further:

We learn about you, the whole you. We know that you are more than your resume, and we invest the time to learn about what makes you different and what matters most. We do a data-driven analysis of your skill set, strengths and capabilities.  We also value your professional goals and longer-term ambitions, and put those on the table so that we can design a plan that brings you closer to achieving your dreams. 

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We take the time to co-create and upgrade your executive summary, improve your public profiles, and do a holistic assessment of your candidate value proposition, so that you can go to the market and promote your unique brand. We believe that whether we place you or not, you should feel empowered by the work we do together, and be more prepared to take on new opportunities.


We call on almost 50 years of combined experience to share key tips and tricks, market intelligence, and best practices so that you have a competitive advantage over your peers. We are passionate about the recruiting experience, and we bring that passion to every candidate conversation.


Our work together never ends. We pride ourselves on having relationships with our candidates that are lifelong and rooted in trust. We aim to treat our candidates like we treat our own friends. Whether we place you in a new role or not, we know that earning your trust is a contract and a gift, and we take that responsibility seriously. This is our promise to you.

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