Our Approach

We are committed to finding candidates who will produce immediate and measurable results that will light the team on fire

Mining for a sought-after resource is detailed work. Exploration for precious gems is best done by hand, since big machines can destroy or blast away the stones. A personal touch always works best. As it turns out, the most valuable emeralds are often found in tunnels, large enough to only fit 1-2 experts who really know what they're doing.

We love this approach, and we know that you will too

When you work with us, you won't be handing your critical search off to a team of junior recruiters. When you work with us, you will be working with us, the experts - Lisa and Angela. We are both relentless, hungry recruiters who have both led teams and rolled up our sleeves in thousands of searches. We each bring 23+ years of experience of recruiting in the marketing and sales vertical, and we have done so much mining over the years that we know exactly the right touch, process, and strategy to explore, unearth, and deliver the finest hidden gems in the candidate market.


Your team is unique and you have something incredible to offer your dream candidate. Because of that, we don't work with clients who expect a search to begin by handing us a job description. 

We invest the time with you

Up front and throughout - to learn about what makes your team different and what matters most. We conduct a thorough, in-depth analysis of your organization and your team before we begin, and we keep you updated throughout the process with regular status reports and a communication style that is rooted in transparency. We do the work of uncovering your team's secret sauce, so that we are able to differentiate your role to candidates and make it impossible to resist. 

We build trust

We don't believe in transactional relationships. If we enter into partnership, we are here for you. We will answer your calls outside of business hours and we learn the names of your teams, partners, and children. We believe that when we send you a candidate, that we are not sending a candidate to a company. Instead, we believe that we are delivering a person into the care of another person, and our approach mirrors that. Much like a boutique hotel offers a more personalized, concierge experience over a large, multi-million employee chain, we offer a highly customized, high-touch experience to our clients in every interaction.

We are accomplished

Throughout our careers, we have broken records, won numerous awards and accolades, and consistently over delivered to our clients, earning us a loyal client list that comes back to us year after year, decade over decade. Staffing isn't just our career, it's our life's work and our passion, and we bring that spirit to every client we serve.

Our Process

Detailed Client Analysis

In-depth, comprehensive assessment of your corporate and go-to-market strategies, sales model and culture to ensure our recruitment strategy is aligned with your business goals. A clear understanding of:

  • Your talent needs
  • Defining what you want and don't want to – Ideal talent profile
  • Organizational Structure
  • Timeline

Candidate Assessment

We profile your ideal candidates with a thorough definition of the experience required, skills and DNA necessary to bring value and success to the role.  All candidates go through a comprehensive pre-screen and competency based assessment.

  • Experience and achievements
  • Intellectual, interpersonal competencies
  • Key motivators
  • Personal and professional strengths & weaknesses
  • Education
  • Cultural fit
  • Interests
  • Financial expectations

Targeted Search

Our approach and targeted search methodology allows us to find hidden talent who have exceptional abilities to exceed quotas and lead their teams to record numbers.

You will have our unwavering commitment to finding the brightest Executive Sales and Marketing Leaders out there for your expanding and innovative organization.


Everything we do reflects our deep understanding of the recruitment process and the criticality of finding the right match.  We deliver a trustworthy and personal touch approach throughout the entire process and provide you with consistent communication including detailed status reports on the progress of our search. 

  • Standing weekly update call with key performance milestones
  • Detailed updates on sourced candidates, why they are a yes or a no


The search process can require that clients divulge sensitive information. We treat any and all information with the utmost confidentiality while still providing necessary information to candidates.

Discover the Value of Working with Us