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Bobbi C.

"I am lucky to have worked with Lisa and Angela many times over the last 10 years, and each time they flat out impress me! I have been a Director of PMO/Product...

in and around Seattle tech for the last 12 years, and I have worked with ETG both to find roles and to staff for teams I am managing. I have seen them go above and beyond to find me the perfect fit for my next move, and to find me top class talent. There are a lot of talent agencies I have tried to work with over the years, but none of them deliver the quality of candidates, focused attention, and personal touch that EMT does. I look forward to many more years of successful partnership!"

Meghann K.

"Emerald Talent Group has partnered with Delta Dental of Washington on three director level searches over the last four years, successfully identifying...

top talent for each placement. The team is an extension of Delta Dental and dives deep during job intake sessions to define criteria and clearly set expectations during the search. All three searches moved quicker than anticipated and ranged across different business units. We look forward to a continued partnership! "

R.J. N.

"I have been in the Services industry since my time at Microsoft and have had the opportunity to work with a number of staffing agencies...

I have had the pleasure of working with Emerald Talent Group and their founding partner, Lisa Crawford for over 7 years now and trust her with all of my hiring needs.  Their customized approach, advanced resources and deep network of talent give them the capacity to compete at national scale.  Additionally, ETG excels at managing the client / partner relationship as well as providing a top notch candidate experience. I value how they put the people first in everything they do! I trust in Lisa and her team to deliver talent across my start-up and enterprise clients.  If you are looking for a strategic partner to solve your talent needs, ETG should be your firm of choice!"

RaeLee H.

"Lisa is nothing short of amazing! After reaching out to me about an opportunity, she was always immediate to answer any questions or concerns...

Lisa supported me throughout the entire interview process & I am now in a great position with my dream company! Lisa is the BEST, you will not be dissapointed."

Lauren N.

"Angela is not only an inspiring mentor but a servant and selfless leader. She exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy...

These qualities most notably translate in her ability to motivate and inspire entire teams. She is truly inspirational! Angela constantly helped me work through strategies while providing fantastic advice and guidance. She is a go-getter and is never afraid to get her hands dirty and do whatever it takes to get things done! Her positive attitude and the respect others feel toward her are palpable."

Florina G.

"It's rare in the talent acquisition industry to find a gem like Lisa. She quickly builds trust with clients and talent alike due to her sincere approach...

and genuine concern for driving the best outcomes. This is simply her craft. Lisa reached out to me with an opportunity that directly aligns with my mission-driven experience and passion. Now I work with a company that speaks to my personal values, due in large part to her diligence and trust in my candidacy. You will want Lisa in your corner. She deserves the highest recommendation I can give her!"

Kyler F.

"Angela opened the doors for me to a dream career. She gave me an opportunity and helped cultivate my talents to succeed in tech staffing...

Her insight and wisdom provided tremendous peace throughout a very tasking training period. Entering a new industry is difficult, though Angela equipped me with the tools and knowledge while allowing me room to experiment and learn. She is a tremendous leader and her enthusiasm is a catalyst inspiring each person around her to strive for excellence. She has been one of the most influential leaders I have had the pleasure to work with."

Noel T.

"Lisa is by far the best talent acquisition specialist that I have had the pleasure of working with. She certainly goes the extra mile; whether it's jumping...

on a call at 8am to help with interview prep or simply connecting for feedback and encouragement after an interview. Lisa exemplifies putting your client first. My relationship with Lisa started as she was looking for a candidate, like me, to go up against one of the more difficult hiring processes I've been through. I had a total of 7 interviews, one presentation with technical exercise, and Lisa coached me through the entire process. I felt as though she knew I was a fit for the role, the company, and the culture before I did. That unspoken ability to get to know someone quickly, is a talent she possesses and uses. She is communicative, trustworthy, an advisor, and a fighter for her clients. All qualities that make her a dream recruiter to have on your side. Thanks for the great experience Lisa!"

Diane M.

"When I joined Kforce in 2013 I had the pleasure of getting to know Angela, not only as a well-respected leader, but also as a person...

Her positive energy, encouragement, and practice of personal best, motivated me to give fully to my work assignment and my team every day! She is a leader I have learned so much from and continue to see as an exceptional role model!"

Therron H.

"Lisa has been one of my trusted recruiting and staffing partners over the last 5 years. She is deeply familiar with the Seattle/Bellevue...

technology community and uses her experience and vast network to connect the right companies and people together. Lisa is a compassionate and caring businesswoman, and has been a trusted friend, mentor and advisor for me as a transplant to the Emerald City. I look forward to working with Lisa on current and future projects."

Eamon O.

"Through Lisa's management skills, her team only brought us candidates who were a good fit for roles we had open - saved us a lot...

of time, and got us some really good employees."

Arup D.

"Lisa has been a wonderful mentor, is passionate about work and she banks her knowledge and expertise with people. She comes across as a...

visionary ready to take an important call much beyond the situation at hand. Her ability to take up challenges, to drive whatever it takes, has been a source of great inspiration. One would find a Visionary, Manager and an executive, all in one person. I found her a perfectionist at Business approach. She goes an extra mile to deliver more than what is been promised. It was really nice to work with her."

Melissa P.

"Angela is a dynamic and motivating leader. She is a great listener and is always there to help you in any situation. Angela is highly respected...

by everyone she works with at Kforce and is a great partner. I am glad I had a chance to work with Angela so closely when I moved to Portland and appreciate all the guidance she has provided me over the last couple years."

Rob F.

"Lisa has a unique ability to match the right candidate with the right role. This is true for both external and internal opportunities (sometime more challenging)...

Also, the team she lead was energetic and provide results at the caliber of Lisa's ability and expatiation. I would not hesitate to work with her again as both a colleague and a recruiter."

Sue F.

"Lisa provided excellent candidates for several open positions. Her pre-screening was spot on which showed she had a great understanding of...

the business as well as the needs of the position."


"Angela is one of the best leaders I've ever had the opportunity to work with. She is very approachable and is always willing to listen and provide a unique perspective/feedback...

when needed. It is easy to build trust with Angela as she is very committed to driving results and is always making a dedicated effort to truly invest in you as a person and not just as a professional. Angela is never afraid to put in the work necessary to get the job done even if that means getting back in the trenches and assuming others roles and responsibilities to ensure it gets done the right way. I am extremely excited for Angela in her next endeavor. Angela's ability to relate to Sales Leaders and understand what is most important to them, as well as the challenges they are facing should be a key differentiator in her ability to add value. Best of luck to you Angela and thank you for helping me in my career to get to where I am at today."

Amy S.

"Early in my job search, one of my trusted colleagues talked to Lisa about me. Within 1 day, I received a phone call from Lisa, as an initial phone screen for a job I was interested in...

After our call, she immediately made contact with the internal recruiter at the company and advocated for me. Within 1 more day, I had an interview with the internal recruiter and I was on my way to a hiring situation. 

Lisa not only helped me get in the door effectively and instantly, but she also stayed in contact with me through all 5 company interviews, providing interview and negotiation tips all along the way. I felt like I got the "White-Glove" experience I needed. After being employed by the same company for over 15 years, I needed guidance and support to navigate the current landscape of the IT hiring market. Lisa is knowledgeable, incredibly personable, professional, and approachable. She sincerely cares about her clients and contacts, follows-up, follows through, and gets results. Even a year later, she occasionally checks in to see how I'm doing. Who could ask for more? I didn't even get a chance to utilize the rest of the Emerald Talent services!"

Christa S.

"In the past five years, I had the great fortune to work with Angela at Kforce. Angela is one of the most valuable leaders I have had in my career in staffing...

She has gone out of her way to mentor me and help me grow as a sales professional and leader. I have learned so many valuable lessons both professionally and personally from Angela; she always puts her fellow colleagues and clients first. She strives to build client-centric solutions for her customers through seeking to understand before presenting a solution. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Angela."

Craig B.

"The Emerald Talent Group has been great to work with over the years, whether that be in support of career advancement or finding excellent candidates for key positions...

Lisa and Angela have extensive industry knowledge, are very well connected, and are authentic in their approach - focused on providing value over the long term.  And they are very enjoyable to work with as they make sure every interaction is fun, energetic and communication is clear and consistent.  I trust them to deliver quality each and every time."

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