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Angela Aronica

Angela Aronica

Managing Director

My Story

It was the late '90s, and .COM companies were growing like wildfire. Lisa approached me about an unfamiliar industry called "staffing." I was considering leaving a previous career in the Wakeboard/Waterski industry, and every time I talked to Lisa about her new career, her energy was infectious. I couldn't resist. At that time, Technology was still an evolving force and it was a race to keep up with the growth. It was engaging, exciting, and also came with its fair share of challenges.

I vividly remember being in an office where 35 recruiters were sharing only TWO internet connections in order to prospect candidates and clients! The early challenges were a blessing, as they helped me build endurance and muscle in this business, and I quickly blasted through my quotas and earned spectacular awards trips, year after year. If I could be a top performer in that setup, I knew I had what it took to make a real impact in this industry for the long haul.

I not only survived the subsequent .COM bust, but continued to thrive through it. I love building relationships, and firmly believe there is nothing better than receiving genuine gratitude from a candidate who I helped land their dream job or a client telling me how my approach is unique and greatly appreciated. Staffing is also a competitive industry, and I'm competitive by nature. I admit it - I like to win. Before you envision Angela the All-Star Athlete, let me be clear:  I'm a proud Band Geek who consistently competed for 1st chair. I'm also the baby of 5 very dominant siblings, so as you can imagine, healthy competition was part of my life from the moment I was out of diapers.

I love challenges, building deep relationships built on trust, and healthy competition, and I combine these qualities everyday to celebrate wins together.

Who I Am

I love the industry, but more importantly I love the connections. People fascinate me. I find the most joy learning about not only their career aspirations, but their lives and their dreams as well.

I started my Recruiting career over 2 decades ago with a national publicly-traded staffing firm, Kforce. I excelled to achieve Presidents' Club year after year and was awarded a staggering 17 incentive trips for my performance. Over my career, I weathered both the .COM bust and the 2008 recession. These experiences were a powerful masterclass on how important tenacity, grit, and patience are in this business.

I later pivoted into management and held Sr. Director, Market Vice President, and Market President titles. Under my leadership, my teams earned the highest awards the firm offered:  Small, Medium, and Large Market of the year as well as the highly-coveted Prestige Award for Overall Market of the Year.  Over my 17 years of management, I developed and grew my sales and recruiting teams to deliver over $650M in revenue.

People are so central to our business and I love to learn how they work and what makes them tick. In addition to all of my hands-on experience, I've completed trainings from Dale Carnegie, Myers-Briggs, and DISC, and am well-versed in sales methodologies, including MEDDICC.

On the personal side, I love the outdoors (hiking, biking, and exploring), and my greatest love is the water. I'm happiest when I'm boat camping, exploring amazing harbors and islands, and making new friends in the process. For someone who is a bit introverted at first, it surprises my clients to know that I will jump on stage to play with a band at the first opportunity. (You haven't seen someone bring a tambourine to life quite like I do!)  I also love wine tasting (Napa, Paso Robles, and Walla Walla are favorite destinations), and my friends and family are my world.

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